How to export Xplan to FeedsyList

  1. In Xplan > Admin > Clients
  2. Search for specific clients (optional as we recommend export/importing all because it is easier)
  3. Export Data
  4. Field Name (square expand arrows icon)

  5. Tick these fields:

    Key Details | First Name
    Key Details | Surname
    Key Details | Salutation
    Contact | Preferred Email
    Key Details | Entity Id
    Key Details | Date of Birth

  6. Tick any other fields required (tip: use Control+F as there are so many fields!)
  7. Powertip: click Save (top right) to save these settings for your next export
  8. Export (top right button)

  9. Wait.

  10. Download file using bell notification.
    If the data contains superfunds and trusts you may have to combine these in Excel.
  11. Upload to Feedsy (tick Xplan if you wish to create Xplan file notes - Campaigner and Advocator plans only)

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