How to schedule auto NPS emails

To schedule a NPS for an individual

PLEASE NOTE: we can do this for you. All we require is for you to provide the start date to

  1. On a spreadsheet with your subscribers (only a email column is required) add a new column NPS Auto.
  2. In this column add a date (DD/MM/YYYY) that you wish to send the first auto NPS email.
  3. Note: do not use the current date as the schedule begins at 12am.
  4. Bulk importthe spreadsheet assigning the following Columns > Fields:
    1. Email > Email
    2. NPS Auto > NPS Auto
  5. That's it!

What happens when you trigger a NPS?

  1. Scheduling your Auto NPS will trigger an email at 9am on the date specified.
  2. The email asks for a score (from 1-10) on the likelihood of them referring you to a friend or colleague and looks something like this: PREVIEW OF NPS EMAIL
  3. If they click 1-8 they will be asked for feedback on how you can improve.
  4. If they click a 9 or a 10 they will asked for feedback and whether they wish to display their comment publicly which if they choose to will get prompted to provide you a Google Review (if this has been set up for you).
  5. You will receive an email with NPS score, feedback, Growth Opportunity Dashboard and some recommended actions.
  6. By default this will repeat every 3 months (quarterly) and cycle again on the anniversary of the NPS auto date. Please let know if you wish to change the frequency.

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