How to manually send (trigger) a single NPS

To trigger a NPS

  1. Edit the person in your FeedsyList
  2. NPS Moment (next day): Select tomorrow's date (ie it cannot be the same day)
  3. Save changes
  4. That's it!

Note: You can trigger another NPS by simply changing the date

What happens when you trigger a NPS?

  1. Triggering your NPS will send an email at 9am on the date of the NPS Moment.
  2. The email asks for a score (from 1-10) on the likelihood of them referring you to a friend or colleague and looks something like this: PREVIEW OF NPS EMAIL
  3. Reminders will be sent (1 day and 7 days later) if the previous email is not opened.
  4. If they click 1-8 they will be asked for feedback.
  5. If they click a 9 or a 10 they will asked for feedback and whether they wish to display their comment publicly which if they choose to will get prompted to provide you a Google Review (if this has been set up for you).
  6. You will receive an email with NPS score, feedback, Growth Opportunity Dashboard and some recommended actions.

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