Send preview - optional (Campaigns)

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Creating PlainText email (Campaign)
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Note: this is for sending Campaigns only (not Journeys).

This is optional and there are two ways to show someone else a preview (for testing or proof-reading, say):

  1. Send a preview link: The email subject and message displayed on a web page via a link (URL).
  2. Send a test email: The email subject and message sent as a test email.

1. Send a preview link

  1. On the Snapshot screen.
  2. "Hi there" - Preview with fallback content: click View a preview.
  3. "Hi Jack" - Preview with personalized content: choose a different person (optional), click Preview.
  4. Copy the URL in the top of the preview window
    In this example:
  5. Paste it into and email and send it to someone else.

2. Send a test email

  1. On the Snapshot screen
  2. Send a test.
  3. Enter email address(es) (separated by comma) or select from existing test email addresses.
  4. Send the test email.


Send preview (optional)
Send the email

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