How to move an old story not on the 1st screen

Need to move a story that does not appear on the first screen of your story list onto the first screen - but can't? 

Here is how to get around it.

Firstly, remember that if a story has previously been included in a FeedsyMail that it will not be resent - even if it is in the top 10. If you want to resend a story you need to duplicate it: Duplicating a story.

Now, by default, there should be 75 stories displayed per screen (in your story list) and there may be multiple screens of stories if there are more than 75. So if you want to drag and drop story number 76 it will be on screen 2 (stories 76-150) so you cannot drag and drop it up normally. In other words you cannot drag and drop stories between screens in your story list.

The way you get around this is to find a story on the first screen (1-75) that has the same category as the one you wish to move up. 

  1. Click on the category name/hyperlink in the category column next to the story. 
  2. Now the screen will display 75 of the top stories containing that category. 
  3. Hopefully the story you wish to move is on the first screen. 
  4. If it is, move it to the top of the page or near the date range where you want it (look at the right hand column).

Now click "All" at the top of the story list to display all stories and your moved story should now be on the first screen.

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