Adding video (from Youtube)

Adding video is as simple as adding a Youtube web address

Add New post and create a Title

  1. Stories > Add new or + New > Post
  2. Type into the title field
  3. TIP: include VIDEO in the title to attract more clicks


Copy and paste Youtube link

  1. In Youtube, click on "Share" under the video.
  2. Click the "Copy" the shortened youtube link, ie:
  3. Paste the link at the beginning of your story content.

Add extra Return space after the Youtube link


The Youtube Preview image will then load


Select Category (we recommend "Video")

  1. Scroll down and select one or more Categories (we recommend "Video")


IMPORTANT: Select Video format

  1. Scroll down and select Format > Video


Publish (or  Save Draft)

  1. Press Publish (or select Save Draft to save and Publish later)


Play Video thumbnail is auto-displayed

  1. Videos can be played directly from the thumbnail on the post view or latest news view


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