Subscriber List (FeedsyList) - Updating Manually

You can manually enter individual new subscribers if you don't want to use a spreadsheet.

Open the FeedsyMailHQ

  1. From your FeedsyCentre Dashboard, click the blue button GO TO HQ 
  2. From anywhere in your FeedsyCentre, click the side menu FeedsyMailHQ

Select the List

  1. Login to FeedsyMailHQ
  2. List & Subscribers
  3. DO NOT Create a new list!
  4. Instead select your list (called FeedsyList or Main List)

Enter subscribers - manually

  1. Only recommended for adding 1-5 new subscribers
  2. Add Subscribers
  3. Either manually type in First Last Name (or First, Last), email address, other info*


Assign fields and see report 

  1. See Subscriber list (FeedsyList) - bulk import

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