Subscriber List (FeedsyList) - Bulk Import

Here is how to bulk import subscribers to your FeedsyList. This can be done at any time.

Name and file format

You will need an Excel or CSV file with at least a column each for:

  1. First Name (single name only) - call it FIRST NAME
  2. Last Name (optional) - call it LAST NAME
  3. or combine "1" and "2" into a single First Last Name column (but not Last, First) - call it FULL NAME
  4. Email Address (one per name) - call it EMAIL ADDRESS

Note: If you require Custom First Name then you will be duplicating the FIRST NAME column and calling it CUSTOM FIRST NAME.

Open the FeedsyMailHQ

  1. From your FeedsyCentre Dashboard, click the blue button GO TO HQ 
  2. From anywhere in your FeedsyCentre, click the side menu FeedsyMailHQ

Select the List

  1. Login to FeedsyMailHQ
  2. List & Subscribers
  3. DO NOT Create a new list!
  4. Instead select your list (called FeedsyList or Main List)

Enter subscribers - bulk import

  1. Add subscribers
  2. Select it from your computer
  3. Browse your computer to find the Excel or CSV file 
  4. Open
  5. Or you can drag and drop it
  6. Import these subscribers

Assign Fields

  1. Select the correct "Belongs to ..." in the list, this is normally:
    1. FIRST NAME - belongs to - First name
    2. LAST NAME - belongs to - Last name
    3. EMAIL ADDRESS - belongs to - Email address
    4. Note: If you require Custom First Name then CUSTOM FIRST NAME - belongs to - Custom First Name
    5. Note: If your spreadsheet has First Last Name combined then FULL NAME column - belongs to - Full Name.
  2. Or leave as "Nothing (skip)" if you do not want to import that info
  3. Finish adding subscribers

See import report

  1. See any import issues (and fix if you need to) - notes:
    1. Duplicate email addresses will not be added again
    2. Any additional or updated info (eg person's last name or birthday) will be added to its existing email address
    3. Suppressed email addresses (eg unsubscribes or deleted) can not be imported again
    4. Typos in email addresses can be fixed in the report itself
  2. Return to your list

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