Sending referral emails (journeys) - individually

To promote your FeedsyReferral link to clients you can trigger quarterly email campaigns to individual subscribers.

There are 5 emails already created for you that are easy to edit (or ask us to do it for you).

To trigger the sends you can simply tick a box! Here's how...

Open the FeedsyMailHQ

  1. From your FeedsyCentre Dashboard, click the blue button GO TO HQ 
  2. From anywhere in your FeedsyCentre, click the side menu FeedsyMailHQ

Open your FeedsyList

  1. From your FeedsyCentre Dashboard, click List & Subscribers then FeedsyList (or Main List)

Find the person (and click to edit)

  1. Either use the search field (easiest) or scroll through the list pages to find the person.
  2. Click on their email address (in blue).

Edit the person and tick the campaign

  1. Click: Edit
  2. Tick: Referrals 1-5 (or whatever campaign you are triggering)
  3. Save changes (green button)
  4. That's it. The trigger process will now happen automatically with all emails being sent as per the journey schedule.
  5. IMPORTANT: If you wish to STOP the journey simply UNTICK the campaign (the reverse of "2" above).
  6. Powertip: to go back to your FeedsyList, click on > Manage Subscriber List > (in the breadcrumbs above the subscriber name)

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