What is FeedsyRow

What is FeedsyRow [Beta version only]

FeedsyRow is a plugin for Wordpress sites. It displays the four most recent articles from a FeedsyWeb site above the footer of the Wordpress site.

The style elements of FeedsyRow

The following elements can by styled with the plugin:

  1. Most Recent Title
  2. Most Recent Title Colour
  3. Most Recent Title Style
  4. Post Title Style
  5. All Recent Button
  6. All Recent Button Corner Radius
  7. All Recent Button Colour
  8. Row Background Colour

Known bugs in the Beta version

The following bugs are currently being fixed:

  1. Additional vertical padding above the FeedsyRow
  2. Most Recent Title Style: does not use the full heading style from the website
  3. Post Title Style: does not use the full heading style from the website


Install the plugin

  1. Plugins > Add New

  1. Upload plugin 

  1. Choose File > Upload "FeedsyRow.zip"
  2. Install Now

  1. Activate Plugin

Customise the plugin

  1. FeedsyRow (in the side menu)

Customise settings (see the style elements above)

  1. Copy and Paste the URL of the FeedsyWeb (eg http://news.xpertprofessionals.com/)
  2. Note: You can display a single Category of stories (eg Blog) by entering it in "Single Category Filter"
  3. Save

Copy the [Shortcode]

  1. After clicking Save, click on the [feedsyrow-recent-posts url="........../"] shortcode and it will be copied.

Add [Shortcode] to your page

  1. Depending on how your pages are created, add the shortcode.
  2. Note: FeedsyRow only appears under your main page content area and above the footer.

See below for adding shortcode to Swift Framework page builder:

  1. Add Row

  1. Add Code Snippet element

  1. Paste the [Shortcode]

  1. Update the page

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