Custom First Names

By default we only use the first (word) of the first name column of your FeedsyList, eg:

  • "Mary" - "Mary" is displayed
  • "Mary & John" - only "Mary" is displayed
  • "Dr Mary" - only "Dr" is displayed
  • "Mary Anne" - only "Mary" is displayed

The good news is that we can customise your list and email templates to display everything in the first name column.

If you require this then please contact - however please be aware of the following before you ask us to do this for you:

1. BirthdayMail messages will not work for couples

BirthdayMail (automatic birthday messages) will not be suitable for subscribers with multiple people on the same email address because only one birthday can be saved per email address. This would mean, for instance, that "Mary & John" would both receive the message on "Mary's" birthday but "John" would miss out. So, for these subscribers please leave the birthday field blank.

It is OK to have the birthdate for subscribers for a single person.

2. Extra column needed for your FeedsyList

You will need to add a duplicate of the first name column in your spreadsheets for future imports and name it "Custom First Name".

Note: this does not work if you supply a single column with first and last name combined (ie a "Full Name" column).

If you need to adjust your Excel spreadsheet to get it looking like below, here are some tips:

3. Extra assigning of Custom First Name when importing future FeedsyLists

Don't worry, this is pretty easy. After you upload your file and assign "First Name", "Last Name" and "Email Address" fields (Belongs to...) you will also need to assign "Custom First Name" as well. 


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