How to create a subdomain

You can change the web address of your FeedsyWeb from to

Your subdomain is seen at the top of the browser window (next to the http:// bit) and it can be anything you want, not just news



These instructions are meant for someone who has access to the hosting of your domain name (web address).

This person will need to know what subdomain you want (eg news) and your current FeedsyWeb address.

Feedsy can do this for you

All we need are the login details of where your domain name is hosted and managed (DNS records), eg with:

  • Go Daddy
  • MelbourneIT
  • Crazy Domains 
  • etc

If you can simply send these details to

However, if this is not possible then you may need to get your interwebby person to help. See below...

Create a new subdomain yourself (using CNAME)

  1. Login to your DNS Zone Editor
  2. For older customers with an existing A record
  3. Create a new CNAME record
  4. Name/subdomain: news (eg
  5. CNAME/hostname/target/value: the address we gave you (eg

Check the CNAME and send to Feedsy

  1. Go t
  2. Enter your
  3. CNAME should be selected in the drop down list
  4. Click search
  5. Your Feedsy subdomain should appear (at least once):
  6. If it does not appear: wait 15 minutes and try 1-5 again
  7. If it does appear: copy the URL in your browser (ie
  8. Paste it into an email to letting us know your subdomain has been created
  9. Then wait for us to let you know when we have done our bit

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